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1000 lb on a bad day

This weather is beginning to get to me this week it is my big fish crew and the weather gods still say no, first few day have been tough but as the norm with our fishing holidays in the Florida Keys we have fished ever day and had some fantastic fishing but not just again where this crew want to be.  The first day was one of the windiest I have fished well over 30 mph but with a ride down wind we found shelter behind some small islands and had fun with grouper and blacktip shark to near 100 lb.  Lee has brought over a newbie Ben so all this is coming as a shock to the system one that we fish in these conditions but catch as well.







Second day a bit better and the crew desperately wanted to get Ben on a bay wreck so with fingers crossed we headed north hoping that we would get there and no one would be on my number one wreck.  Well the answer was we got there and there was no one on it so started a short but very special day not sure of the time frame ( the joys of now being 60 ) but everyone was nailing grouper over 300 lb , shark near 200 lb, massive stingray, keeper cobia that we turn into a feast fit for a king.  The one thing I am sure about is that we blew Ben away yes the Whippy walk looks good on video with a 300 lb grouper but to feel the power is some thing else. Sad story of the day Steve Lee’s brother lost an African pompano which I would have put at near 50 lbs it dragged him all over the place but after a long fight the leader broke so that one lives to fight an other day.  After for me a short 6 hr trip the seas were now over 5 ft not safe for big fish so a long run home with Lee saying  ” guys do you realize that if you added it all up we have had well over 1000 lbs of fish on a short day ”  oh yes but it is the Florida Keys.