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My Blinker Boys

Well an other first at our fishing holidays in the Florida Keys two guys from Switzerland, it all started when young Alex and Ramon were planning a road trip in the south of the US which as some of you know has to end up in Key west.  For two young guys they were packing a lot in from all the classic stops including driving a race car at 165 mph at the famous Daytona race track but very high on there bucket list was to catch a big fish in the Florida Keys.  Well after an internet search they came up with Fish the Dream even an old ludites like me are more and more impressed with the power of the internet.  As a lot of you know we do big and with the help of sharks and goliath grouper we will put a serious bend in many a anglers rod so a deal was done and Alex and Ramon were coming to Fish the Dream for a few days.  Have a look at the photos below and with shark near 200 lbs and grouper over 400 lbs I think I got the job done, the 22/0 hook scared them on the first grouper trip as did the 6 lb baits then the power of the fish just blew them away.






So why Blinker Boys well it was on the first trip catching mackerel one of the guys looked up at all my rods we always take rods from 8 lb to 80 lb and said can I use the Blinker rod, a new one on me.  Well he was asking could he use the spinning rod that had a metal spinner on it in Switzerland they call this a blinker bait as it flashes when you wind it in, kind of makes sense so from now on it is know as the blinker rod. On one day Alex made a fantastic video which I have left uncut as it shows the madness of blacktip shark fishing they know all the tricks under the anchor rope round the props and a final run when they look done.  Top video thanks Alex and my blinker boys are welcome back any time.