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Shark attack !

I have to thank Rodney Rigby for all the stunning videos he took on his last trip out here in the Florida Keys, at times it was like having your own personal film crew on the boat. On the last day of his trip we ended up with a video of a life time it all started as a fun day on a wreck some 20 miles out in Florida Bay when the shark rod went off it was George’s turn but this puppy was not for stopping so with over 300 yds out time to throw the pick and chase this sucker down. This fight for a shark was turning out to be a very strange one the fish was big and I mean big but it just kept going never coming up and every one on board just wanted a look. At last at well over an hour and many miles from hook up we all got a look a huge lemon well over 300 lb and very, very unhappy.

Over the ten years of doing fishing holidays in the Florida Keys I have caught many many lemon shark but this one was behaving very strange even for a lemon talk about bad attitude more than once as you can see on the video massive bites at the boat.  I even have the teeth marks in the gell coat one thing I think I have right in all my years over here is knowing when enough is enough so before it did to much damage the boat or its self the leader was cut.  If you look or freeze the last few frames you will see just how close Rodney was to losing his Go Pro but well done and thanks again.