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An other great start

Well its always welcome to see my boys from Jersey and this trip was trip down memory lane as Rob brought Chris, Glenn and Matthew who were the original crew who first came on one of our Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys over 12 years ago how time flies.  Over the years we have all changed Rob and Chris have now retired Glenn and Matthew have new jobs and me well lets not go down that route but one thing has not changed we all love to fish and the boat is a laughter factory as it should be.  Not only did they all bring their smiles from Jersey but a touch of good weather luck as well and just by chance I traded some wreck numbers so it was off to a new wreck in the bay.  Just as we were getting our bearings on the mark an other boat appeared but on very nice young captain said alongside its yours you were here first and left us to sett anchor going a good distance off.  What a day we had it all macs, grouper, jacks, bluefish and many more but best of all the first tiger shark to the boat for the Jersey boys and to round the day off  a hammerhead and the fattest black tip I have ever seen.





Next day with a flat calm day forecast I suggested as I have an old school party how about an old school tuna trip by this I mean getting up at silly o clock 26 mile trip in the dark getting to the tuna grounds in the dark and being the first boat.  This was how we used to tuna fish and with no other boats it was always so much better so a group of older  guys with sleep very much in their eyes arrived at the tuna grounds but we were boat number 2 a long line boat was already working the deeps for amberjack a good sign.  Strange no birds or fish on the top so after a few trolls out came the jigs and boy did we find the tuna at about 200 ft they were thick and soon the crew was bent double and the wake up medicine was taken by all fun, fun, fun.







Now as I have said before one of the reasons people come back time and time again is we let you the anglers make the call so the night before this trip I asked the boys does any one want to do big and deep meaning the famous humps amberjack in 500 ft and I got a NO been there done that years ago so the big rods were left at home.  So how shall I put it I was little surprised to see Rob with a monster shad he had used in Iceland going down to the bottom.  Guess what as it got down the 500 ft  BANG rod buckled over and this over 60-year-old was in a lot of pain but I have to say he played it like a pro and after a long time and heaps of abuse and mirth from the crew he had a near 80 lb amberjack on his lap unable to hold fish for photo well done that man.  Matthew on the other side of the boat let his jig go a little deep and guess what bang AJ number two the during the fight this very big fish got even bigger as a monster shark decide it wanted it to.  Not such a good out come snapped light jig rod and one of the most amazing things I have ever seen on my boat Capt Mike handline the fish and broken rod up 500 ft to save some very expensive line epic !