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Bromley boys part two

Not sure how this crew got in touch with the weather gods but this had to be one of the best weeks we have had for a long time as I like to say all my now, after doing fishing holidays in the Florida Keys for over 10 years, near 300 marks are open for business .  So a plan for an early start on the tuna grounds was put into action and maybe a few dorado on the way back.  Strange the sea on the way out in the dark was glass but an annoying swell so down to 20 mph which with 26 miles to do not fun. We were the second boat there and with no birds feeding always means tuna are down and with a perfect 3.5 mph current jigs on the way down straight away fish on. We even had fresh sushi as the sun came up and I managed to get the prefect picture a stunning blackfin for Steve with the sunrise in the back ground.  For the first time in months no shark maybe there were so many tuna they had their fill as well, no dorado on the way back it has been a slow start for them this year Dave managed to jump one on a weed line but it threw the hook.





Rest of the week was spent in the bay where the wrecks have been on fire and I just seem to be adding more marks all the time some times it is hard to know where to go.  Fish that stand out a cracking african pompano for Graham and a very annoying stingray for Steve this near 100 lb fish more than once did the trick of bedding down in the sand but the old trick of pinging on the tight line soon gets them back on the move.  Maybe for me the fish of the week was a near 400 lb grouper taken on the medium shark rod close to the boat and amazing fight and well done the LG Realse reel.  So at the last breakfast high fives all round for yet an other stunning trip and the boys booked their 11th and 12 th trips cool or what.