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The lady get’s it so right

Not sure why or how but females on our Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys do rather well maybe its the special female pheromones or the  Ballantyne effect  ” the young lady who caught the UK record salmon ” but they just do.  Last week it was a pleasure yet again to fish with Paul and Carol Constable both have a UK background of freshwater competition fishing and this trip Paul proudly told me of a recent match where Carol was placed right next to top UK Match angler Bob Nudd and soundly beat him.  The weather gods still not on our side this year making it harder than it should be but we found and caught fish every day and yes most days Carol did best.  After many years of watching Carol fish, she came to fishing late in life not to be left at home decided to join Paul on his weekend trips, I think its the female style that brings in the fish not the male  ” battle ” more of slowly, slowly, catchy monkey well what ever it is it works and Carol is one of the best.


paul 1

gary 2

gary 3

So half way through our now annual four-month Grouper ban and as an avid fish eater the original organic good for you food I tell you it sucks having to put back fish that taste so good.  Just like you guys in the UK having your first bass ban its tough going and I have to ask my self have the boffins got it right and are total ban the way to go. personal I think it’s better to alter the slot take zone always putting back the large egg bearing female fish and maybe altering the keep number one nice fish for the pot seems to be the way to go.  Nearly all large fish are female and on the cooking side of fish biggest is not best anyway and over here in the US the use of the slot system has worked so well on bass and snook its got to be the way to go to keep all sides happy in the mean time roll on May and grilled grouper.