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Great start and no 126

When your local friends come from the UK it is a different kind of pressure I find myself under now John, Ian and Dereck are always happy with anything they catch but I am more happy if it is good as it can be.  Now my many regulars to our Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys know just how big a part the weather gods play so you can imagine just how happy I was to see the first few days it was going to be a case of go anywhere you want.  So the first day it was lets take it when we can and of the near 30 miles to the tuna grounds we went and for the first time in ages no tuna but we still had a fantastic day.  Fish of the day had to be a near 30 lb almaco jack that Dereck took on the jigging rod at well over 200 ft first thing the jack did was take an other 200 ft of the reel so started a long dogged fight but in the old experienced hands of Dereck the fish was never going to win.  Then on the way home we saw fish feeding on the small fish that live under the larger man “o ” war jelly fish so out with a lure and dorado on  yes it was turning out to be a Dereck day but that’s just fishing.


dereck 2

Day two was again offshore but not so far and with over 50 ft water visibility stopped of on the reef for some barracuda fun and yellow jacks.  Not sure why but this year the yellow jack have been awesome and on the right light tackle fight like any jacks but a big plus on their side just as good on the diner plate. No apologies for taking about eating fish we only take enough for a meal and always follow the strict Florida fish regs and I just like eating fish end of rant.  So with the reef cover off a bit deeper and with the pick down in about 150 ft some fantastic bottom action the biggest jolthead porgy I have ever seen and poor John lost what would have been the biggest fish of the trip just unable to make any line that’s why its called fishing not catching.  Before we left the reef Ian had species no 126 to the boat in the 12 years we have been doing fishing holidays,a box fish mother nature was having a fun day when she came up with this on the hard skeleton is on the outside like a turtle and the fins poke out and not sue why but the skin has an amazing hexagonal pattern.

box 1

box 2






Yesterday we went back to what this group likes rod bending in Florida bay wreck hopping with goliath grouper and shark on top of the list.  Well the bay did not disappoint and we went 2 for 4 on grouper and the biggest blacktip shark we have had for years so big we had to throw the anchor and chase but again with the steady hands of Ian on the rod it was soon fish to the boat and the now getting better all the time Capt Mike on the leader it was fish for the photo shots and then off to fight again.  So I think we all have to say a big thank you to the weather gods to fish with friends and have fun in the Florida Keys is more than I could ever ask for.




Yes by the way I do let my Captain fish and he is turning out to be an outstanding  Florida Keys fisherman it is just an other way of finding out what the fish our taking making it a better day for our guests our main job.