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Catch up

I am back in the UK for my summer break [ to heal cuts and bruises ] but what a last session many boat PB’s and fishing of the charts. The fishing holidays are now being run by my friend and top skip John Aplin check out how he is doing at he has time will blog how its all going. What a last week with Henry Gilbey and all his crew to many surreal moments and fish for the head to take in, but when a member or the crew asks will it hurt if I jump off your boat at 25mph I was speechless but I did go back for him wait for the you tube.

Round up of Lee and Alan’s week perfect weather and fish to match. Lee had one Florida Keys box to tick that was the dorado so on a calm day offshore we went. Now it is becoming a start point for offshore the AJ wreck, this day the AJ were on fire and lived up to the name reef donkeys. Poor Alan what a wake up to fishing as he said carp fish will never be the same. Fish were taken on jigs and live bait, the advantage of the jig the fish can be taken at mid water so only 100ft to bring them up but some go straight down to 200ft.

When both Lee and Alan had had enough it was off in search of dorado. Not a lot of weed or debris so eyes peeled for birds then in the distance two boats sitting not moving so off we went. They had found a log and feeding fish it always seems a bit strange to UK anglers but it is perfectly OK to fish with other boats on a piece of debris. In fact we all were talking to the other boats and a good time was had by all and Lee had a nice keeper dorado job done.

Last photo a nice black grouper taken by Alan on the permit make by haveing a live bait deep and did it tase good or what. Fantastic week for Lee and Alan loads of PB’s and boxes ticked and two guys who will smile for a long time.