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Why o why

I was deeply saddened after reading Henry Gilbey’s blog on Friday to hear about a big bass fish kill in the SW. After talking at length with Henry on the phone we were both left with a deep feeling of sadness that some people still have this primeval need to kill what they catch. I am very lucky to work and live most of the year in the Florida Keys the reason for the fabulous fishing out there is for the most part due to fish management.  For many years now the Americans have had fantastic results when fish stocks needed help and the main reason for increasing numbers has been the enforcing of slot limits. It has been proven that the main help to fish stocks recovery has been putting back of lage fish. For my sins years ago I worked on a bass farm in Scotland where it was soon found out all large fish were female and in the case of the bass had taken many years to reach this size. Back to the fish kill I think think the UK is in a different situation to the US and will never have the means to enforce regulations to help bass. I personally think the only way forwards is education and it should be up to blogers, forums and publications to let people know that the killing of large old female fish will harm not help the cause of bass fishing in the the UK. As they say over the pond just do the math five double figure bass combined age over 100 years combined egg bearing capability well over a million bass does it make sense for one man to kill all these fish. Back to bass fishing I have just got into lure fishing for them with the help of Henry and the guys at Absolute Fishing in Ireland what a blast.

Photo with this blog a fine Florida Keys red fish ticking a box on one of our fishing holidays these fish have benefited greatly from a enforced slot limit and all fish over 27in have to put back. This does not stop sport fishermen targeting them just enjoy and put back to fight an other day but more important breed again. Sorry for this rant but please please put BACK all large bass.