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Why do I do it?

At the tender age of 58 and one big hernia opp last year why do I say silly things like would you like it in the boat for a cool pic?  The other day Kev had a nice tiger near 200lb and some mad skip said the those stupid words so game on. We are very lucky at Fish the Dream to have a cat with a very low and open transom so it is possible to slide fish in not putting any pressure on the internal organs with a dead lift. We had to jam the head into the corner of the boat as it is not advisable to have a very pissed tigers teeth with free access to fresh meat.

Pics done the less than happy tiger was slid back into the sea this one however did not won’t to go back and on leaving the boat decided to bite the dive ladder. However the lure of the sea was to much and with a few flicks of the tale it was back to terrorizing the other creatures of the Florida Keys. I was left with a boat load of anglers on their fishing holiday thinking no doubt is he mad or what.