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Keys update

As I woke up today to a chilly 4 degrees after a long chat to Capt Brent the other day I found out that at a very warm 34 degrees in the Florida Keys there was a 30 difference in our temps.  Capt Brent is having a ball in the Keys this summer with all the normal summer species but top of the list as it is ever summer is dorado or dolphin fish as it is known in the Keys.  The growth rates of this fish still blow my mind as I have blogged before in their short life often less than 3 years they can reach 40 lbs yes 40 lbs in just 12 months.  Where they really tick the box as a sport fish is you can catch them with so many different methods, livebait, deadbait, troll, spin or fly then hold on jumps a plenty and normaly all the other fish come to the boat so sight fishing is so cool.


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Capt Brent is also a master of the dead boat method of fishing in deep water, this is the killer way to catch mutton snapper and a few years ago he was very close to the state record.  This works by keeping the boat stationary in the tide in water even up to and over 200 ft by use of the motors often in reverse and sometimes kicking the boat in and out of gear.  This allows you cover a lot different marks with out putting down the pick and you can even move the bait over the ground as a bait fish would swim.  So if you find yourself in Florida this year and fancy a day or even a week get in touch with Capt Brent or if you need accommodation in the Keys me  Brent  305 481 9018  Rodney 01668 216173.