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Snowbee success


For the last few years I have been involved with the tackle company Snowbee developing new rods for the US market.  A couple of months ago we launched our Mk 2 range of rods and these are amazing the anglers and bring the fish back to the dock. We started off with the already excellent Deep Blue boat rod and made a few changes. The guys over there wanted a slightly sorter rod and the pro anglers on the kingfish tour wanted a very soft tip.  We were more than lucky to link up with Capt Ron Mitchell and the pro team Bandit who has helped out no end to get the kingfish rod right and now describes it as the best rod he has ever used. The difference between the first rods and the Mk 2 is the rings these are now twin leg and made from 100 % titanium alloy the strongest, lightest and completely corrosion prof ring on the market. Capt Ron is already having a cracking start to the season of the over 70 fishing the pro tour this year he is 3 rd in Pro Tour and 2 nd in division 8 and 3 rd in division 10.  If any fish is going to test a rod it is the king mackerel and this year he has had fish of 42.17 and 45.17 I was on the boat when he had the 42 and the way the tip worked was amazing.


The standard rod is also doing the job we have one on a guided boat in the Florida Keys and just the other day the capt had a fine 25 lb mutton snapper and emailed me the pic and comment ( Hey the rods are awesome put a Finor 20 on and went for muttons. Had this 25 lb fish in over 200 ft and the rod ripped him up no problem and felt good doing it ) Snowbee are certainly getting into sea fishing big time and are coming out with some very good tackle it is more than worth it to check them out at if it works on these fish it will work any where. After speaking to Russell Weston at Snowbee there is more than a good chance that these rod rings might appear on UK rods just keep a regular look on their website and they often have deals on tackle at the main factory.