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Tarpon tears

We are having a very windy week in the Keys it gets to me more than my anglers as the wind in the palm trees just goes on all night even the bay wrecks have been off-limits so far this week.  We are still fishing and catching but just not were regulars want to go but the weather is the one thing I can’t control in all fairness if this was the guys first trip it would blow them away.  Despite the wind yesterday we made the long run to Bahia Honda which stuffed with tarpon and yes you can catch during daylight hours as it is deeper and the wide bridges offer shade for the fish.  As soon as the tide started to run we missed two then a monster stuck and a long hard fight was on in fact for Bahia Honda it went very well through the first bridge then fun between the bridges then past the old bridge into the Atlantic happy days.  This was one very strong fish I would say in the high hundreds and the first hour of the fight came and went with not slowing down then after 1 hr 17 mins  a hammerhead nailed it and big way bigger than the 1200 lb we caught some time ago this was just scary big so after all the sterling work game over.



On a more positive note the other day while sheltering behind a bank we had a stunning tiger shark they just tick so many boxes.  Getting back to the monster at Bahia Honda my friend over the canal had the same fish last week even had it on for a few seconds.  Next week we have my big fish friend Lee Jasper who I know when he reads this will have a few more sleepless night and watch out shark it could be game on.