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Wrecking at last

What a week and what a year I have never been sure about global warming  (  I am in the cycle camp ) but I am sure in the climate change camp, this year we have had thew calmest week lucky Bromley boys to the windiest week sorry Ian.  In fact in over 10 years of doing fishing holidays in the Florida Keys last week was the toughest I can remember.  Dont get me wrong we still fished every day and caught every day but tuna and dorado were never going to happen even the big 60 to 70 ft boats were blogging we should not be out here.  So last day the weather forecasters said 8 to 11 mph and spirits were very high and a big grouper and a decent shark were on the list so load the boat to the gunnels and head north and yes sods law guys on my best wreck so find an other one close by and keep the eyes open to see if they move.  At this time of year most Americans are what I call cooler fishermen and if after a couple of hours no keepers they will move on as was the case with these guys but just as we went to move Scott started a long  ( we had to chase )  shark battle.




This was a strange fight as we all saw the fish jump a good 100 lb + blacktip but by this fish was fighting hard way above its weight the first run was way over 300 yds in fact more than once I checked the drag.  When at last  Scott got the fish to the boat all became clear the fish was hook in the tip of is tail if you have ever caught a large fish in the tail they fight so much harder pulling straight against the angler not being pull back by the mouth.  So off to number one wreck but now the winds were over 20 mph and on these deeper wrecks not nice we had a few grouper on but the seas were just to bad so not before Paul had a near 10 lb jack off to a calmer wreck.  At last a grouper well over 300 to the boat a cracking fish to end a very tough week but it was Prime Rib night so a few beers and wine and a very nice bunch of guys, next time a bit more praying to the weather gods.