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Bait fishing????

While on the grouper wreck with the Slater group the other week Jamie had a fish on the medium ledger rod. The fish made long hard runs shark like but as he had no wire on no bite offs. What gave the fish away was every so often is would stop and be hard to move but then would make another long hard run. After a very good long hard scrap Jamie got the fish to the boat and yes I called it right a near 80lb sting ray.

I know it seems a shame but this fish was kept for bait. Stingray is the number one bait for big hammerhead shark in fact our 1000 lb fish was caught on sting ray. It is common to see many stings in the face area when we catch big hammerhead and a fish like Jamie’s gives us many good baits. In fact on this day one of our 250lb grouper was caught on a piece of this fish. The stops during the fight are when the fish finds a bit of sand and beds down. I was shown a way of getting the fish back on the move again by pulling as hard as you can on the line then playing the line like a guitar string this annoys the fish and it will run again.