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O! M! G!

If there is on fish in the Florida Keys that gets the cry OH MY GOD its got to be the goliath grouper. We have been very lucky with these fish during our fishing holidays. It took some years to get it right but now we get big and I mean up to 400lb back to the boat on most trips when it all goes right. The wreck we go to is in only 11 ft of water and the water never goes clear which is why they stay there. The anchoring has to be precise as we have to get the fish to come to us and have only seconds to turn the fish away from the wreck. Some we don’t stop and I think there must be fish well over 500lb so no chance they just go where they want even on 80lb gear.

The day we went with the John and his party it was far from ideal wind against a turning tide but we still managed two around the 250 mark, Derek’s just said high and went, Jamie’s was fine for a few photos before we released it. After a brutal fight normally with two people in murky water the first sight of these fish is a sight that lasts with most anglers for a lifetime. No long runs no jumps but the sheer power of the fish is hard to describe one guy said it must be like hooking a moving car.It has been rumored that this fish might be put back on the take list after a very successful come back from near extinction in 1999. With a take anything diet and having to eat 7 to 10 % of body weight each day they are becoming the dominant fish on many wrecks. This once again proves the Americans have got it right on fish management and fish given the chance will come back from the brink big style.